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Powerhouse Recovery Analysis

Our process starts by inputting your bill information into our software program. It’s here where we measure and identify inconsistencies with metering, usage discrepancies and local  utility rates. 

Once identified, we can assess the amount you’ve been overcharged and negotiate with the landlord/utility on recovery of funds.

Our Clients’ Experience With Us

An average credit refund of $12,485.00 on each account

We had annually paid approximately 3 times more than we should have

Powerhouse staff reviewed our hydro accounts based on newly established rate regulations… They were able to find several accounts which were not categorized properly, worked with the utilities to accurately adjust the billing for each account and the result was an average credit refund of $12,485.00 on each account.

Steve Lipton, Rexall
  Senior Manager, Real Estate Services

Powerhouse first identified that this particular location was high in consumption, prepared verification reports of this and further identified the cause being an incorrect setting on the meter itself, which meant we had annually paid approximately 3x more than we should have. This resulted in a negotiated settlement amount from the Landlord which covered the past 10 years.

– Michael S. Cukoff, Staples Canada
   Director, Real Estate

Our analysis costs you nothing – only a finder’s fee if recovery is identified. Since offering PRA to our clients in 2018, we’ve found over $1,000,000 in overages.

Let’s find out how much we can recover for you!